Photography & Videography for the Adventurous at Heart

I would like to talk a bit about the value of photography. For most people, myself included, professional photography is a luxury item. Not always top on the priority list, and the expense is usually reserved for very special occasions. Dropping money on photographs might seem a little counterintuitive when smart phones these days come with a portrait mode, and you've captured every moment since the birth of your child. However, professional photography are more important than ever. When cherished moments live on a small screen on your phone, they are easily forgotten and oftentimes never looked at twice...certainly not hung on walls to be displayed and remembered forever.

You may have plenty of photos- but what about photographs so beautiful and emotive that you are brought to tears; that it's all you can do not to order a billboard-sized print right this second? Photographs that truly tell a story and preserve those wonderfully sacred moments and milestones that would otherwise be lost in memory? THAT is the value of professional photography. Your senior portraits, your wedding photos, beautiful candid photographs of your children when they still have tiny hands and a massive case of the giggles. You might remember bits of high school, your wedding (before the reception...), flashes from when kiddos were little tiny...but to freeze those moments, to look back and really remember; THAT is the value. 

“We found Savannah from a recommendation of another photographer in the area and are so glad our paths crossed with her! She was extremely helpful in helping me pick out an outfit and location. During our session, she kept it very professional but laid back so that we felt comfortable and most of all, ourselves during the entire shoot. Her work is outstanding and we will call Savannah again next time we are in the area!”

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