Hi, I'm Savannah Conley, a Telluride + Crested Butte senior & family photographer!

Stiff poses and studio lighting are not what you'll get from a session with me. If you are after stunning natural light, gorgeous scenery, laughs and genuine smiles, true emotion and wonderful memories; then I'm the photographer for you. If you want to walk away with timeless, true to color, bold photographs, then we'll probably be a match! My editing & shooting style is true to my training, photojournalistic.

I am here to capture raw, true moments. I am not here to capture perfect, shiny, staged moments...because life is not perfect, shiny or staged. It is beautiful, emotional, messy, raw and wild.

I started my business at 17 years old, photographing my senior friends. I have since moved my business to 4 cities and 2 states, and I have learned a LOT along the way.

I have taken a few breaks in my photography career to spend time pursuing my other true love, coffee. I have had the privilege to work with some of the best coffee shops in the biz so you could say I'm a bit of a coffee snob.

I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mama of a wild animal two year old.

I grew up riding horses in north Texas and they will always hold a really special place in my heart. My personal creative projects usually revolve around them.

Since moving to Colorado I have fallen in love with all things outdoors. It helps when it's not 110 degrees in the shade (lookin' at you Texas). I love to hike, kayak, ski, practice yoga and camp.

I am always, always listening to music. It has played such an important role in my life (seriously...the biggest part of my wedding budget was for the band). I have a pretty eclectic taste, but jam bands are well..my jam. You can catch me at Phish every year or at really any music venue in town.

Clumsy is my middle name, but I love to hike anyway, and I love dogs. Like really, really love dogs.

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Montrose, Colorado Senior & Family Photographer